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Please book an initial consultation if you haven't had an appointment with us in the past or haven't visited us in more than one year. 

Therapy Sessions
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Choice Tx is a speech-language pathology practice based in east Trinidad. Founded in 2016, Choice Tx's services have gained a reputable name. Currently, we only see clients for speech-language pathology services. However, our speech-language pathologist has built professional relationships with occupational therapists, psychologists, teachers, socials workers, doctors, and other SLPs among other professionals. Services are offered to the young in age and to the young at heart. Speech-Language Pathology services benefit those from birth to end of life. 

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Some insurance companies cover speech-language services. Contact us for more information.

Health Plans
That Cover Our Services

We afford our clientele a range of payment options. Contact us for more information.

Our speech-language pathologist has a wealth of knowledge, training and experience in a range of areas.

These are 30 minute to 1hr long appointments where direct intervention is provided by a certified and registered speech-language pathologist.

Does your staff need training? Are you having a high school career day? We are available for these and other public education opportunities.

Payment Plans and Cancellation Policy

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