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What's In a Name

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines the word choice as:

· an act or the possibility of choosing

· the range of different things from which you can choose

· a person or thing that has been chosen or that can be chosen

· of high quality

So why the name Choice Tx? Let me start from the ending.

Tx…what’s that? Tx is medical shorthand for the words therapy or treatment. The idea was to replicate the Rx one sees in many pharmacy names. Fun Fact: Rx stands for the Latin word recipe meaning “take” which leads to it becoming medical short hand for “prescription” because the doctor recommends that you take the medication. So, the company name is supposed be read as “Choice Therapy: The Therapy of Choice.” Not so obvious right? I know. Hence, this post!

Firstly, Choice is also the name of a retreat that I was first a part of in March 2015 at The Seminary of St. John Vianney and The Ugandan Martyrs up Mt. St. Benedict here in Trinidad. It changed my life. It had such a significant impact on my entire outlook on life and what I am meant to do and be as a person and as a clinician. To this day, I still help the Choice retreat in any way that I can. It is so fulfilling to give in ways that I have received and from which I have benefited. So, it seemed only fitting that, when this practice opened in 2016, I incorporated such a life changing event into it.

I’d like to think that I offer my clients a range of options of a high and respectable quality. Moreover, I feel a tingle of pride and confidence knowing that I have clients who have decidedly chosen THIS practice above the many other (great) options out there. At the moment, only speech-language pathology services are provided. Hopefully, in time, a range of therapeutic and rehabilitative services can be provided as well. Right now, I consider making good referrals as part of the many choices we offer our clients.

The name Choice reflects who I am as a person, what I desire to do through my work, the quality of services that I provide and the nature of the therapeutic environment on the whole. I chose the path of speech-language pathology at 16 years old – a story for another time. I know, without a flicker of a doubt, that this was my best choice. Everyday, I remind myself that this field and this practice was my choice.

What do you choose?

Kiara M. Matthews, MS, CCC-SLP; Founder & Speech-Language Pathologist

What do you choose?

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